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How to Remove Bad Reviews

Bad reviews, negative contents and comments may damage your brand more than you think

So you end up finding out your name or brand being insulted on the Internet. It is devastating after spending years and a fortune amount of money to build your business' online reputation and suddenly facing that "somebody" bashing on your brand unfairly. Especially if your brand is copyrighted or trademarked, the importance of online reputation management dramatically increases. Removing bad reviews about your brand is not impossible. The more you delay to take action the more damage your brand gets, and even worse, the bad reviews posted about your brand will be crawled by more search engines if you don't take necessary actions right away.

Dealing with Fake Bad Reviews

There are too many unethical branding management companies that are being hired by your competitors to post bad reviews against your brand on popular websites and blogs. Believe it or not very few of the bad reviews over the internet are real! So how to deal with that?

1-) Make sure you are 100% convinced that the review posted against your brand is fake: It's unethical and in some cases also illegal for some websites to remove a bad review unless the review contains inappropriate language or false accusation.

2-) If the review is being published on Google, Yahoo or Bing you should first flag it as inappropriate or click on "not helpful" link right below of the comment.

3-) Remember, every website/webmaster have their own policy to follow. It's close to impossible to make them remove something from their own intellectual property as long as they are not willing to do so.

4-) Respond to the comment in a very respectful way and ask the poster to contact you in order to solve the issue. The easiest and fastest way to remove bad reviews is convincing the poster.

5-) Still no result? Contact us to take full control of your online reputation. We have more than 100 cases handled only in the last 2 years.

You are not alone!

Contact us to remove bad reviews if you believe your competitors are trying to hurt your reputation over the internet. Let us fight for you. Our structure is built to decrease the impact of negative reviews that intentionally target your brand on the internet. We will take a full control of your online reputation and put them back in your hands. You will also receive 6 hours one to one consultancy to protect your brand's reputation from the future disasters.

Important: We, Gulaydin, do not attack, manipulate to the websites those contain bad reviews about your brand. The major purpose of our existence is providing clean internet for users and businesses that genuinely work hard for their online business reputation.

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